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Sample Websites

Our WORDPRESS [content management service] is our latest service!

For the next couple of months we are offering a fully loaded,

content edited WordPress RESPONSIVE website for the special price of £675

Offer ends 1st July 2022

Recent site  CLICK HERE  http://www.baskervillehall.co.uk

A new site we have developed is Wernymarchog

Or another new WordPress site Terry the Builder which has just been completed for a small local builder.

or a really nice comprehensive site Wye Valley Firewood

Here are some more sites – some under development and some already getting the clients 100’s of traffic hits to view their products and services.

More demo sites soon!!!

WordPress features:

  • Completely database driven site engines
  • News, products or services sections fully editable and manageable
  • Topics sections can be added to by contributing authors
  • Fully customisable layouts including left, center and right menu boxes
  • Browser upload of images to your own library for use anywhere in the site

Extensive Administration:

  • Change order of objects.
  • Remote author submission module for News, Articles, FAQs and Links
  • Object hierarchy – as many sections, departments, divisions and pages as you want
  • Image library – store all your PNGs, PDFs, DOCs, XLSs, GIFs and JPEGs online for easy use
  • Print-format for every story and article
  • In-line Text editor similar to Word Pad
  • User editable look and feel
  • Custom Page Modules.
  • Layout preview. See how it looks before going live

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